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17 Jun 2024

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An extremely important fundraiser of Mungret Regional is our involvement with the Mungret Club Lotto which we run jointly with the GAA Club. 

We could not do this without the support of our members to help with selling of these tickets. Selling a couple of tickets to a persons grandparent, aunt, uncle or next door neighbour also helps us grow our clubs profile

There is a selling commission of 60c/ticket given for helping sell these tickets 

The Commission is paid twice a year (1. before the summer holidays & 2. before xmas)

The opportunity to be a seller is open to all members. 

The table below shows how great a savings scheme it is for sellling these tickets. By selling just 5 tickets a week, a person will earn €156/year......great to buy those much needed xmas presents 

If you would like further details  on  selling tickets, please email or contact either of the 2 club members below


Committee Member

Martin Burke


Mungret Circle.png

Committee Member

David Fitzgerald


Mungret Circle.png
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