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As a community based club we strive to create a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. We aim to
develop our player’s positive characteristics and skills such as resilience, respect, determination and
fair play. Mungret Regional F.C. has always relied on the many volunteers who help to run our club
and the kind and generous financial support of the local business community.
Mungret Regional F.C. has ambitions to develop our club which will allow us to continue to support
our players with the best resources and facilities possible. This requires funding and financial
During a normal week Mungret Regional F.C. experiences a considerable footfall representing
significant advertising potential. We are offering parents of players who may own a business or
know individuals with businesses the opportunity to promote these with signage placed in a public
and prominent position within our grounds at Mungret Regional. Signage of each supporting entity
will be erected around the clubhouse and pitches with your business details. There are two signage
options available. The first is 8ft. x 2ft. Year one cost is €380, which includes producing the sign and
€300 each year thereafter. The second option is a larger 8ft. x 4ft. costing €500 year one and each
year thereafter.

Pitch Sign

Clubhouse Sign

**Note: If you wish to purchase more than 1 sign then you can change the QTY on the payment page

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